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What to do When You Need a Long-term Lending Solution
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Long-term Lending Services Offer Extra Benefits

Payday loans are designed for those unexpected surprises in life, from car trouble to healthcare bills or last-minute travel expenses. But not all consumers can comply with a standard cash advances short payoff schedule. If you think you need more than two weeks to a month to pay off your balance, consider taking out cash advance.

Understanding the Different Options:

Long-term payday loans:

  • Apply for services with payoff times longer than two weeks
  • Come with additional, more costly fees
  • Are generally offered to people who need larger amounts of money

Short-term advances:

  • Are paid in full within two weeks
  • Have different fees than the longer alternative
  • Are usually for small amounts of money

How to Use These Services Responsibly

  • Read the paperwork: be sure you understand the rules and conditions of your financing as they could be quite different from a short-term lending service. Review the product's fees and the repayment schedule. Your payments could be due weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  • Compare lenders: Not all lenders offer the same programs. Investigate the programs offered by different lenders and weigh the benefits of each.

  • Stick to your repayment schedule: The fees and penalties on can be high, so make sure you are prepared to pay off the balance on time. If you are late on a payment, your lender could assess fees daily or weekly, each of which will add to your balance and accumulate extra interest. If you foresee a problem, speak with your lender immediately to determine whether other repayment options exist.

  • Only borrow as much as you need: The services our partners offer can be extremely useful financial tools, but responsible consumers should only borrow the exact amount they need. Calculate the costs and decide the best solution that fits your budget.

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